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InnovateMinds is a leading global provider of Engineering Design Services and Solutions for the Transportation Industry throughout the product development cycle, from conceptual design to manufacturing support.

We are specialized in providing Design and Engineering Services for Seating and Interior Systems to our global clients in Automotive, Aerospace, Marine & Rail Industries. Our core competencies include Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Product Development, Tooling, Manufacturing Support etc. that enables the clients to gain a competitive edge in their market.


  • Let me Extend a very big thanks to InnovateMinds team on a job weldone on the bus passenger seat we had a very tight timeframe and very little to work with other than a few ideas and my rough sketches. In record time you turned it into models with FEA. I recongnize that much of that effort was done well beyond normal business hours and you really putforth much extra effort. Thans againfor a job well done. Program Manager - US Top Tier 1 Seating Manufacturer